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We were in Miami in 2005. And there we saw wake parks.

At that time we were learning Jet Ski freestyle. Our first coach’s name was Jason Stoer.

After that we went to Croatia to the island Pag. There Rock Flarantich taught us. And there was a wake park right on the sea. Rock had a Nautique wake boat. He himself made a lot of tricks. In Croatia we were driving a Jet Ski and for the first time we tried to ride the wake.

In 2008 we built a house in Turkey. There we bought a wake boat Nautique 230. But it was difficult to ride on the sea because of waves and because it was painful to fall into the salt water. So we didn’t use the boat often.

But once our friends invited us to a wake park that was very far away. We liked the atmosphere in this park. Everyone was ready to help a beginner. And there we met interesting people for whom wakeboarding was a way of life. They travelled to different countries and visited their wake parks.

Finally, we decided to build our own wake park.

About our wake park

About our wake park

There was a mountain river on the site of our future wake park. We built a dam and made a lake.

We had to broaden the lake and even to explode a part of the rock in order to build a large winch for the wakeboard cable system.

Unlike most of wake parks, our park is located in the mountains. It means that the surface of water is always smooth because the lake is surrounded by the hills. And the water is fresh, pure and even drinkable. Though it is dark because of the fine rocks in the lake.

We have a restaurant serving food and nonalcoholic drinks.

Music plays all over the park. We have a professional sound system that let you hear the music in any part of the park.

We have a jumping pillow and a children’s playground.

There is a children’s swimming pool for mothers and their kids. Its depth is 0.5 meter.

You can also play a playstation and a table football.

You can use free WiFi Internet.

We have a small shop where you can buy professional wakeboarding gear and we provide rental equipment.

You can also use a checkroom.

There is the Gold City Complex near our wake park. In the Gold City you can have a room or an appartment. Besides, the Gold City has SPA and football fields. It may be interesting for some riders or members of their families. You need to walk there only 100 meters from our cable park to enjoy their services.