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Cable Wakeboarding

What is Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable Wakeboarding is a kind of watersports which helps to exercise all muscles in a human body and gives exceptional extreme sensations while being one of the safest sports suitable for people of every age!

The basic principles in Cable Wakeboarding are the same as in water ski or wakeboarding. The only difference is the method to pull the sportsman. Cable wakeboarding is a surface water sport where the participants are not pulled by a motorboat but by an overhead cable from the system of cables and a winch.

Due to this, Cable Wakeboarding has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it is easier to learn to balance due to equal pulling speed in Cable Wakeboarding while when towed behind a motorboat there is an acceleration from the very beginning.

Furthermore, 10 people can ride at the same time with the same electric motor, while only one or two persons can ski simultaneously when using a motorboat.

Another important advantage to cable wakeboarding is the dramatic reduction in the cost for its participants since you don’t need a boat.

Besides, cable wakeboarding is an environmentally friendly kind of sports. The cable system is run by the use of electricity. So it doesn’t produce wastes such as exhaust, oil and doesn’t pollute the air and water. On the contrary, the use of the wake cable system gives 9 tons of oxygen per year into the lake water which improves the environment.

Any beginner can learn cable wakeboarding in a very short period of time, no more than an hour or two, and feel confidently.

There are no any age limitations for the participants of cable wakeboarding. From the age of 7 to 80, everyone can go in for this kind of watersports very easily.

Cable wakeboarding has less risk on your body than boat wakeboarding while you can do every trick on the cable that can be done behind the boat, and more.

Today there are over 250 wakeparks all over the world. They are located in 30 different countries including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the USA and Turkey.

Cable wakeboarding has become an international sport. World Cable Wakeboard Championships has been held since 2001.

Why do you need a cable wake park and a lake for Cable Wakeboarding?

A cable wake park includes a lake which is surrounded by a series of masts that hold an overhead cable. The overhead cable rotates in a (usually) counterclockwise motion around the lake. Along the cable there is a number of carriers. Riders are pulled around the lake by the ropes attached to these carriers.

Moreover, the surface of the lake has a number of special obstacles, sliders and kickers for making tricks.

The lake doesn’t have waves and its clear (not salt) water is not painful for falling.

Using the lake cable system is not limited to wakeboarding only. You can also go in for riding on two skis, slaloming, kneeboarding and barefooting in a wake park. But cable wakeboarding is the most popular.

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What happens if I fall?

In our park if you fall while riding, you just need to swim to the nearest exit and walk to the start along the path that goes around the lake.

How many people can ride simultaneously in your cable park?

Five or six riders can ride at the same time.

Can I ride without using the obstacles?

Yes, of course. Our obstacles are positioned in such a way that you don’t have to go on them if you don’t want to.

Where do I get the necessary equipment for riding?

The use of the equipment for beginners is included into our cable park entrance fee.

It is a Kneeboard, Water Skis and a Wakeboard Easy Start (and of course, a helmet and a a life jacket).

A Kneeboard is a board on which you ride sitting on your knees. It is an easy way to understand how to control the board. Kneeboards are very popular with children.

A Wakeboard Easy Start is a wakeboard of a larger size and with special comfortable boots instead of bindings.

In case you need a professional wakeboard, you can have it for rent or buy in our pro shop.


What is Flyboard?

Beside Cable Wakeboarding you can try to be a Flying Man or Dolphin Man using a Flyboard in our Gold Cable Park.

The Flyboard is a machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. You will be able to take off from water.

Using the Flyboard is very intuitive: it is like learning to walk. After a few minutes you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge the gravity like a superman!

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