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Personal watercraft riding, training and rentals in GoldCablePark in Turkey

Now you have a unique opportunity to ride a personal water craft (PWC) and learn the techniques in winter in our wake park GoldCablePark. It is located 8 kilometers from Alanya inTurkey. Our lake is ideal for riding a water scooter and learning aquabike tricks.

  • You can ride a PWC, learn and practice tricks in our wake park from January till April
  • You can rent a personal watercraft: we have Rickter PWC for rent
  • You can bring and use your own personal watercraft
  • We provide service for PWC
  • We have a professional mechanic
  • We have coaches for different levels of skills
  • Thai massage
  • Manual therapy
  • You can stay in our apartments or bungalow
  • Transfer to the training camp is included into the price

Options of personal watercraft training and rent in our wake park in Turkey:

Option A - personal watercraft rent and service of our coach and mechanic:

  • You will be instructed by our personal watercraft coach
  • Our Jet Skis mechanic will be at y our service
  • You rent our PWC: Rickter FX 1 or Rickter XFS

Option B - personal watercraft rent without service of our coach and mechanic:

  • You just rent our craft: Rickter FX 1 or Rickter XFS

Option C - you ride your own personal watercraft in our wake park:

  • You ride your own PWC without assistance of our trainer and mechanic
  • PWC storage, lifting and lowering is included into the price

Other options are possible at request.

Please, send your requests to our e-mail info@goldcablepark.com. The number of participants is limited.

You can rent our personal watercraft or ride your own PWC in our wake park in Turkey. Trainers, mechanics, accommodation

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